Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Monetary Policies and Credit Financing As Factors In Agricultural Productivity In Cross River State

G. I. Uzowulu, S. Ajayi, J. A. Opue, I. B. Adinya, O. O. Kuye
KEYWORDS: Agricultural Productivity, Credit policies, Agricultural development, Monetary policies and Cross River State


The study evaluates the influence of credit policies on institutional lending behaviour of farmers in Cross River State. It also ascertains the relationship between credit and agricultural development. Using econometric methods, results reveal that credit quota and portfolio lending devices and pursuit of cheap interest rate polices has negative effect on credit supply while policies associated with plough back of rural savings mobilization and availability of guarantee were marginally effective. Results also show that farmers demand for credit was influenced mainly by the availability of credit subsidies and availability of guarantees. Also, the study showed that a positive but inelastic relationship exist between credit and agricultural output. Finally, it was revealed that some factors which militate against the effectiveness of agricultural credit polices include lack of viable technologies, defective production environments and wrong perception of the roles of credit in development. An agenda for credit policy reforms stressed the need to evolve and adopt policies, which foster desirable financial technologies, which serve both the interest of institutional borrowers and lenders.

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