Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Reflections On Rural People’S Knowledge and Skill and Relevance In Agricultural Development. Case of Pastoral Fulbe of Savannah Belt of Nigeria-West Africa.

H. M. Ndifon, M. I. Nformi
KEYWORDS: Reflections, Rural People’s Knowledge, Skill And Relevance, Agricultural Development.


This study examines the rural people’s knowledge and skills and its relevance in agricultural development. Its main objective is to assess the relevance of indigenous knowledge in agriculture. Its specific objectives are to examine the knowledge of farmers in agriculture, assess their skills, determine their relevance and make policy recommendations. The study reveals that pastoralists make use of ethno veterinary practices to maintain the herd. This knowledge has remained famous because it is affordable. The age, level of education and experience of the people influence indigenous knowledge. It is in line with this that it is recommended to farmers to transmit the knowledge to the youths and researchers to document it and government to protect it.

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