Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Utilization of Crude Testis Extract To Enhance Broiler Production In The Humid Tropics

G. N. Egbunike, J. T. Williams, E. A. Agiang
KEYWORDS: Testis extract, Broiler Production.


Two experiments were conducted to investigate the possibility of using aqueous testis extracts as growth promoters. In the first experiments, 100 Abore Acre chicks were assigned to four treatments in which the birds were given 0, 10,15 and 20% of a 3.3 % aqueous bull testis extract in drinking water ad libitum from week four to week eight while in the second experiment, 100 Anak broiler chicks were placed in five treatments with 0, 10, 15, 20 and 30% of the testis extracts, respectively from week two to week eight. Throughout the studies feed and water were supplied ad libitum. Live weight of the birds and weight gain were significantly (p<0.05) increased by treatment in both experiments especially at 15 to 20% testis extract groups. Feed intake and water consumption increased with increase in the levels of testis extract in water, while feed conversion ratio showed inverse relationship and cost of feed remained stable. Cost of feed/kg of bird dropped significantly (p<0.05) while profit per bird and profit over cost of production were significantly elevated from 15 to 20% testis extract groups. Carcass characteristics in both experiments remained stable. Thus a broiler farmer can make good profits by using 15 to 30% inclusion of a 3.3% aqueous bull testis extract in drinking water.

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