Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Sedimentology and Paleoenvironmental Studies On The Chad Formation of Bornu Basin, North-Eastern Nigeria

B. Shettima, A. M. Kyari, A. Suleiman, F. Bukar
KEYWORDS: Paleoenvironment, Sedimentology, Provenance


This study deals with sedimentology and Paleoenvironmental studies of the Chad Formation in the Bornu Basin. The sandstones which build up this formation are fine, medium to coarse grained sands which are dominantly poorly sorted. The skewness ranges from positive to very positive while the kurtosis varies from very platykurtic to very leptokurtic. The bivariate plots of standard deviation vs. mean, standard deviation vs. skewness, standard deviation vs. first percentile, mean vs. first percentile and log probability plots have conclusively define the depositional environment of the arenaceous samples of the Chad Formation as fluvial in origin. The paleocurrent analysis indicates a trend in the northwestern direction which implies that the sediments forming the Chad Formation were derived from the southwest.  

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