Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Determinants of Fertilizer Use Among Small-Holder Farmers In Wetland Region of Cross River State.

S. B. Akpan, A. E. Aya
KEYWORDS: Fertilizer, Wetland, Farmer, Demand, Policy


The study modelled and estimated the fertilizer demand function for wetland farmers in Cross River State. Stratified random sampling method was used to collect cross sectional data from 130 wetland farmers with the help of a well structured questionnaire and personal interview schedules. Ordinary Least Squares Method was used to estimate the specified equation. The results reveal that household size, household consumption expenditure, number of poultry birds kept by farmers, number of goats owned and perceived price of fertilizer have negative effect on fertilizer demand. Education of the farmer, farm size, extension agent contact, farm income, ability to predict rainfall, modern communication facilities, output of maize and mixed cropping in combination with maize have positive influence on fertilizer demand. Also policies that reduce production constraints and household size were recommended. In addition, policies that strengthen the present extension programme and improve rural infrastructures would help to reduce production cost while increasing fertilizer demand and farmers wellbeing.

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