Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

An Assessment of Information Brokerage In Academic Libraries In Nigeria: University of Calabar Library In Perspective.

Margaret Edem, Pius Tom Umoren
KEYWORDS: Information Brokerage; Information Products and Services; University of Calabar Library; Fee-Based Services; Entrepreneurship Education


This study is an assessment of information brokerage in the University of Calabar Library in the discharge of its functions to aid teaching, learning and research from 2005 to 2010. A descriptive survey design was adopted for the study and the total sampling procedure was used in selecting the seven divisional heads of the study. A checklist of University of Calabar Library Information Brokerage Delivery (IBD) Systems was prepared together with an interview schedule and used to elicit information from these librarians. The results showed that the University of Calabar Library has been engaging in information brokerage activities in the different units of the library through information merchandizing. It was discovered that patronage on brokerage activities and services were disproportionate among the units surveyed. The study showed that brokerage on publication services and system/technical services rated highest between the period covered by the study. The two brokerage delivery systems undertook 113 and 925 transactions and generated a substantial amount of income for the library. The study concludes that the University of Calabar Library is engaging enormously in information brokerage and thereby sustaining Entrepreneurship Education in library and Information Science in Nigeria. It is recommended that subject specialist librarianship be encouraged in academic libraries to facilitate the attainment of financial goals in the specialized services delivery in University Library as well as other tertiary institutions’ libraries in Nigeria. 

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