Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Profitability Analysis and Management Practices Among Poultry Farmers In Yola Metropolis of Adamawa State, Nigeria

A. A. U. Jongur, S. N. Oji, M. S. Yahaya, A. K. Tashikalma
KEYWORDS: Profitability analysis, management practices, poultry farmers.


This study analysis the profitability and management practices among poultry farmers in Yola metropolis of Adamawa State, Nigeria. The objectives of the Study were to: identify and describe the socio-economic characteristics of Poultry farmers in Yola metropolis, determine the costs of inputs and output returns, determine the resource use efficiency and to identify the major constraints of poultry farmers in the study area. Data were obtained from 75 purposively selected poultry farmers. The result of the study shows that majority of poultry farmers are within the age group of 31-50 years; 69% had no formal training in poultry and about 52% were female farmers. The gross margin per farmers shows N1719.43, and net farm income of N1713.43k, which gives the gross margin per Naira invested of N2.14 and net farm income per Naira invested of N2.12. This shows poultry production is profitable. The study recommends the formation of poultry farmers association, so as to source more funds from financial institutions, government agencies at lower interest rate, adequate, reliable, affordable and constant feed, water, stable market and electricity supply to its members. The major constraints includes: high input costs, unstable market, power supply, diseases, loans, government assistance and to lack of poultry management techniques in the study area.

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