Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Assessment of The Nutritive Value of Some Indigenous Wild Fruits For Domestic Consumption and Industrial Utilization.

S. Ogbonnaya, P. Agwu
KEYWORDS: Nutritive Value, Proximate Composition, Mineral Content, Fruits, Phytochemicals.


Fruits of Landophia owerriensis(Utu), Dialum guineensis(Nkwa), Dennettia tripetala(Umimi) and Tetracapidium conophorum(Ukpa), were collected from trees growing at Umudike, South Eastern Nigeria and their nutritive values determined. The fruits of these plants were analyzed for proximate, mineral constituents and phytochemical composition. The fruits were later sorted into proteinacious species depending on the level of protein. The percentage moisture content (M.C.%) values range from 10.99% to 12.68%. The percentage carbohydrate (CHO) range from 49- 69% while the phosphorus (P) values are high and range from 223.92% in Dennettia tripetala to 301.63% in Tetracapidium conophorum. Calcium also recorded a high value on dry weight basis. Hydroxyanic acid (HCN) values are low ranging from 0.53mg/kg in Landophia owerriensis. Phenol is about 0.23%. The values of alkaloid are low ranging from 0.37% in Dialum guineensis to 0.65% in Landophia owerriensis. The study showed that the fruits of these species are good sources of a wide variety of nutrients. The regular consumption of these fruits is essential to the healthy living of the population and for small scale industries.

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