Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Relationship Between Egg Weight, Hatch Weight and Subsequent Body Weight In Fulani Ecotype Chicken.

F. E. Sola-ojo, A. A. Toye, K. L. Ayorinde, O. F. Afolayan
KEYWORDS: Egg weight, Hatch weight, Body weight, Correlation and Regression


Three hundred (300) Fulani Ecotype (FE) chicken eggs collected from free ranged Fulani Ecotype chicken were used to study the effect of egg weight on hatch weight and subsequent body weight. Eggs were grouped into two according to their weight (small and medium) and incubated. Body weight of the chicks was measured from the day of hatch to 12 weeks of age on weekly basis. Mean of the body weight gain from day old to 12 weeks of age in FE chicks obtained from small and medium egg size in this study were 306.73g and 311.36g, respectively. There was no significant correlations between egg weight, hatch weight and subsequent body weight in FE chicks obtained from small egg size, while a significantly (P<0.01) high and positively correlated relationship existed between hatch weight and egg weight of chicks obtained from medium egg size. Positive and significant inter-correlation (0.51 to 0.98) existed between body weight of FE chicks obtained from small and medium egg size. Linear regression equations showed a significant coefficient of determination for hatch weight, body weight at 2, 4, and 6 weeks using both small and medium egg weight values. The results of this findings indicated that both smal

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