Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

The Aledjo Quartzitic Ruins In Northern Togo: Genesis and Structural Geomorphology

Mahaman Sani Tairou, Pascal Affaton, Bawoubadi Edèm Sabi, N’koué Simpara, Florent Boudzoumou, Pauline Yawoa D. Da Costa
KEYWORDS: Quartzitic Ruins, Aledjo Montains, Dahomeyide, Northern Togo, Morphogenesis


In northern Togo, the Aledjo Mountains represent a NE-SW to ENE-WSW trending segment of the Pan-African Dahomeyide orogen. This mainly quartzitic topography belongs to the external zone of the belt and, more precisely, to the eastern assemblage of the Atacora Structural Unit. It corresponds to a ruiniform landscape which resulted from an erosive sculpturing that started at the end of the Pan-African tectogenesis within the Dahomeyide Belt, at about 550 Ma. A first interpretation of these spectacular sculptures attributed their great variety to predisposition factors related to the petrographic heterogeneity of the quartzites and to the Pan-African tectogenesis. With reference to these genetic factors, the Aledjo quartzitic ruins are subdivided into two morphostructural groups related either to a combination of folding and erosion or fracturing and erosion. Moreover, the Aledjo ruiniform landscape may be considered as an attractive touristic target which can contribute to regional economic development in northern Togo. 

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