Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Physical Volcanology of Pyroclastic Tephra Deposit At Batoke Mt. Cameroon, West Africa: An Over View

Caroline N. Ngwa, Linus Nche, Cheo E. Suh
KEYWORDS: Pyroclastic Deposit, Batoke, Mt. Cameroon


In this contribution, we report an overview of the physical attributes of pyroclastic deposit at the foot of Mt.
Cameroon, West Africa. In the deposit three facies types; which are the lava flow, the lapilli and ash are common. The
ash is the dominant facies and occurs irregularly in alternation with the lapilli. The most common types of depositional
features include cm-dm planar beds and impact sags. We infer from field observations of facies types, clasts types
and depositional features that this deposit is a phreatomagmatic fall deposit which resulted from an interaction
between lava flow and surface water. The occurrence in the deposit of accretionary lapilli, impact sags, fragments of
country-rock and juvenile clasts is ambiguous evidence in support of phreatomagmatic activity. The presence of a lava
flow flanked by the tephra pile, the lack of accidental clasts, and the scarcity of bombs are evidence in support of a
surface water-lava flow interaction


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