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Effect of Growth Hormones On The Germination of Sheanut (VITELLARIA PARADOXA C. F. GEARTN) After Pre-Treatment

M. I. Jatto, L. L. Bello, B. B. Jakusko
KEYWORDS: Pre-treatment, growth hormones, emergence, germination, Vitellaria paradoxa


A trial on the influence of pre-treatments and growth hormones/solutions on the germination of Shea-nut (Vitellaria paradoxa) was carried out in September, 2001- February, 2002 at the experimental Research Farm of University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria. The aim of this trial was to find the possible ways in inducing the germination of Vitellaria paradoxa using growth hormones/solutions treatments. The coats of some Shea-nut (Vitellaria paradoxa) collected from a single tree in Makurdi in August, 2001 were cracked, some completely removed while others were left intact and subsequently soaked in de-ionized water, Indolebutyric acid (IBA), Stenberg (stock) solution, Coconut water and combination of IBA and Coconut water respectively for 24 hours and planted thereafter in perforated polyethylene bags filled with mixture of sand, loam and humus. The interaction between pre-treatment (intact, cracked and removed seed coats) and soaking in solutions (growth hormones) was highly significant (p=0.001). Soaking cracked nuts in deionized water was significantly effective in hastening the germination of Vitellaria seeds with 46 days to attainment of 50% emergence, a reduction from an average of 51-79 days. This indicates a significant difference from intact seeds soaked in coconut water, IBA; cracked seeds and removed coat seeds soaked in all the solutions with exception of intact seeds soaked in IBA Coconut water and intact seeds soaked in Stenberg

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