Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Callus Initiation and Regeneration In A Minor Tuber Crop 'Rizga' (PLECTRANTHUS ESCULENTUSN. E. BR)

P. M. Kyesmu, S. H. Manteu
KEYWORDS: Callus, regeneration, tuber, Plectranthus esculentus


Calli were initiated from tuber cuttings, internodes and leaf disc explants of P.esculentus. From tuber cuttings, calli were formed when explants were cultured on MS basal salts supplemented with differing regimes of either 2,4-D and NAA separately or in combination with 0.5mg1·1 BAP. Initiation of callus was best when were incubated on 2.4.:.0 containing media. 2,4-D at a concentration of 1 mgl 1 and culture condition of total darkness/25°C gave maximum calli fresh weight of 541.5 ± 43.9mg. In the case of internodes, maximum callus 182.3 ± 18.4mg) was obtained when explants were incubated on MS medium supplemented with 5091·1 sucrose and I mg)"1 2,4-D. Leaf disc explants gave maximum calli fresh weights of 2,462.8 ± 279. 7 and 1,688.8 ± 350.9 mg at sucrosi, concentration of 50 and 6091·1, respectively. Histological assessment of calli initiated from explants cultured on MS basal salts supplemented with 5091·1 sucrose and 1mgl'1 2.4-D and CP -a cytokinin, suggested caulogenesis and somatic embryogenesis might have occurred on CP and 2,4-0 .containing media, respectively.

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