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Comparative Anatomy of Long Bones of The Appendicular Skeleton of Yankassa Sheep and Red Sokoto Goat In Zaria Metropolis

G. C. Okpe, S. S. Adamu
KEYWORDS: Anatomy, small ruminant, Appendicular skeleton


Morphometry of the long bones of the forelimbs and hindlimbs were studied in Yankassa sheep and Red sokoto goat. A total of 1 0 goats and 1 0 sheep were used for the study. The lengths, and weights oi the bones as well as the diameters of the proximal, distal extremities and mid-shaft were determined and compared between the two species using students "t" test. The results indicated that the bones of the Yankassa sheep were heavier and longer, with greater diameter than those of the Red Sokoto goats of the same age. The differences were not statistically significant (P> 0.05). The result of the study also provided some basic antomical data on
the long bones of these species of ruminants and could be applied in approximating the sizes of intramedullary pins required for fixation of fractures.

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