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Effect of Time Duration of Thermal Treatments On The Nutritive Value of Mucuna Cochinchinensis

S. N. Ukachukwu, F. C. Obioha
KEYWORDS: Mucuna cochinchinensis, time duration, thermal processing, nutritive value.


The effects of varying time duration of three thermal processing methods on the nutritive value of Mucuna cochinchinensis were investigated. The processing methods were toasting, boiling and boiling with pre-soaking. Toasting lasted 30, 46 and 60 minutes at 105° to 110°c respectively. Boiling at 100° to 105°C fasted for 30, 60 and 90 minutes respectively. Boiling of 12 hour-soaked seeds lasted for 30, 45 and 60 minutes at 100° to 105°C respectively. Increased time duration of boiling and boiling with pre-soaking caused significant reductions in crude protein {CP) (P<0.01) and crude fibre (CF) (P<0.05) but increased the nitrogen­free extract (NFE) of the seeds. Ether extract (EE), ash and gross energy !GE) comp.onents of the seed were however, not significantly affected. Also, increasing time duration of toasting caused significant reduction of CF (P<0.05) and EE (P<0.01} and an increase in percent NFE IP<0.01). CP, ash and GE were not significantly affected. As it relates to the anti-nutritional factors, increasing time duration of boiling pre-soaked and non-soaked seeds progressively detoxified (P<0.05 trypsin inhibitor, cyanide and haemagglutinin. Increasing toasting time duration significantly (P<0.05) detoxified only trypsin inhibitor and haemagglutinin but did not affect cyanide and tannin constituents. The time duration that achieved the highest level of detoxification of anti-nutritional factors in their respective groups were toasting for 60 minu

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