Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Preliminary Studies On The Antigen Characterization of Bovine Babesia Species

O. E. Okon,, E. I. Braide, N. Umeche
KEYWORDS: Antigen Characterization, Bovine Babesia species, lmmunodiagnosis


Studies on the antigen characterization of various Babesia species were carried outusing SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis and Western blotting. The gel electrophoresis revealed several antigens of Babesia species separated according to their molecular weights. Notably, 3 plumpy bands were observed on all the Babesia species it molecular weights of 1822, 50-55 and 60-64 KDa. Some common bands were observed between the Babesia species and the. clean red blood cells. After immunoblotting the seperated antigens with the positive bovine serum of 8. bigemina (African), immunoreactive bands at certain molecular weights were illustrated: B. bigemina (Mexican) at 50 and 55 KDa, B. bigemlna (African stabilate) it 48, 50 and 55 KDa, B. bigemina (African culture form! at 46 and 66 KD and S. bow's at 20. 1 KOa. The identification of the immunoreactive antigens provide Information for which the production of monoclonal antibodies could be targetted. This could also be useful for the immunodiagnosi:s of the various isolates or strains of the different B:abesia species

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