Publisher: Cross River State University of Technology

Trace Metals In Dust Particulates From Calabar. Municipality, Nigeria

O. R. Ogri, M. Obi-abang, D. A. Uyana
KEYWORDS: Trace metals, dust particulate cover, air quality, gravity settlement, air contamina


In this study trace metal survey was carried out in air for Calabar Municipality by analysing dust particulates through gravity settlement method (Warner, 1976). Results indicate low levels of dust particulates and trace metals with the following mean values: total dust cover 0.465 + 0.269 g/m2/mo, Fe 0.662, + 0.422 Pb 0.469 + 0.428, Cu 1.04 + 0.819, Cr 0.144 + 0.128 and Zn 0.480 + 0.420 ppm respectively. The results showed positive correlation between trace metals and dustparticulate matter except Zn implying that trace metals increased with atmospheric dust particulates. Although, the results showed that the municipality has atmospheric contaminants of some trace metals mainly Fe, Pb, Cu, Cr and Zn, the average levels were generally below their threshold limit values (TLVs) for safe air except for Pb and Cu. This implies that Calabar air was not seriously contaminated with trace metals as at the time of the study. The low levels of air contaminants in Calabar may be attributed to heavy rainfall, low levels of traffic, industrial and construction activities. However, constant monitoring of Calabar .air is recommended in view of the proposed export processing zone (EPZI in the area, to obtain to baseline data for possible future environmental control measures. Details of these and other environmental implications are discussed.

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