Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

The Chemical Forms of Lead In Roadside Dusts of Metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria

T. A. Arowolo, O. Bamgbose, O. O. Odukoya
KEYWORDS: roadside dust, sequential extraction, lead, speciation, bioavailability.


The chemical forms of lead in roadside dusts taken at several locations in the Lagos metropolis was investigated. Five fractions namely exchangeable, carbonate, Fe-Mn oxide, organic and residua! were identified from the roadside dust samples by using a selective extractant speciation scheme. The Pb in each fraction was determined by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometric technique. The results obtained indicate that Pb in roadside dusts is primarily associated with the Fe/Mn hydrous oxide fraction. The results of the survey also indicated that less than 30% of the total Pb in the roadside dust was readily bioavailable. 

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