Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

A Comparative Study of The Triglyceride and Fatty Acid Compositions of Palm Oils From Plantations In South-Eastern Nigeria

O. D. Ekpa, M. I. Akpanabiatu, Mauro Amelio, Renzo Rizzo
KEYWORDS: oil palm, palm oil,Elaeis guineansis,Location, varieties, triglycerides , fatty acids, dura ,tenera .


Triglyceride and fatty acid composition were determined from palm oils from three different oil palm plantations in South-Eastern Nigeria. Each of the plantations belong to slightly different vegetation belts. The red fruits of the Tenera variety exhibited significant variations <P<0.5) across the locations. Much of the variations occured in triglycerides with two or more unsaturated fatty acids in their molecules (P00.000 and OLL) with P00 showing greater differences than the others. Most of the constituent unsaturated fatty acids were observed to varyy in their concentrations across locations. Both the locations and varietal sources appear to affect the mean total unsaturation of the oil samples.

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