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Anthropometry of Farm Workers In South-Western Nigeria

Emilolorun Ambrose Aiyelari
KEYWORDS: Anthropometry, Work-place, Percentile, and Southwestern Nigeria


Thirty-six body dimensions useful for the design of equipment, wearing apparels ar.d were measured from farm workers in the pu~,fominantly farming areas of South-Western Nigeria Ondo, Oyo, Osun and Ogun States in this study. Measurements were.taken in both standing and positions using appropriate tools from a total of 200 farm workers comprising I 00 females and 100 rrmlia$. The mean, standard deviation, range, mode and percentiles (51 h, 501 h and 951 ") or each dimension were calculated separately for each gender and also the genders combimid. statistical "'"'"1""''" showed that most of the body dimension lengths are positively correlated with the (stature}. Eye height (standing) Vs height for example has a coefficient of correlation of 0.9Hi. and weight, however have very low degree of correlation with height. The body dimension as ratios of the height compare favourably with the findings of other scientists in this field, thus le1>1ding support to the reliability of the data. From this study, it is recommended that The values of the 5th and 95th percentiles be used for the range of sizes design purposes, and that the mean and modal values be considered in what of particular size to produce. Using values in the range of thr: percentiles will ensure that 90% of the population surveyed is takcm into account while consideration of the mean and modal values ensures that the sizes of the materials produced are the ones mostly needed in terms of quantities. Similar study should be carried out in other parts of the country so generate a full database in anthropometry of Nigerian farm workers. This is neces.s<1ry so that farm equipment designers and manufacturers could be better disposed to the different population groups in the country. 

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