Publisher: University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

Birthweight and Neonatal Haematocrit Levels In Calabar, Nigeria

J. O Akpotuzor, E. E. Bassey
KEYWORDS: Birthweight, Neonatal hacmatocrit, Nigeria


Birthweight and haematocrit levels of 104 singleton neonatcs and their mothers were assessed between January and August 1995 in Calabar, Nigeria. Hacmatocrit was determined by mierohaematoerit method while the birthweight of the nconatcs were obtained from the mother's ease note. Analysis of haematoerit and birthweight of nconatcs revealed a mean of 0.555±0.055 L/L and 3.0± ().8kg respectively. Mean hacmatoerit of 0.332 ±0.055 L/L was obtained for the mothers. The sex of the neonates had a statistically, significant influence oii neonatal birthweight (P< .05) while neonatal hacmatocrit significantly increased asthe weight increased (P<.05). Astatistically significant relationship was established between maternal age. neonatal hacmatocrit and birthweight (P<.05). It is recommended that pregnant women should adequately take care ofthemselves as their state of well being determines the weight and haematocrit levels oftheir babies.

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