Publisher: University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

Instrumental Vaginal Operative Delivery In University of Calabar Teaching Hospital Calabar, Nigeria

Etim I. Ekanem, Atim E. Udoh, Thomas U. Agan, Mabel I. Ekott
KEYWORDS: Instrumental delivery, Operative delivery, Forceps, Vacuum extraction.


Records of 140 patients with instru.mento I viginal delivery in university of Calabar Teaching Hospital Calabar, were reviewed to determine the incidence, indications and maternal/perinatal outcome. One in every 34 parturient in University ofCalabar Teaching Hospital had instrumental vaginal delivery. Booked (70.1 %), teenage ( 45.0%) and multiparous women were more likely to have instrumental vaginal delivery. The main indications included prolonged second stage of labour (41.4%), maternal medical condition in pregnancy ( 17.1 %) and acute fetal distress in labour. Major maternal complications encountered included puerperal sepsis ( 12.4%), laceration of the genital tract (11.4%) and post partum haemorrhage. Perinatal problems were mainly birth asphyxia (15.6%) and neonatal sepsis with a mortality rate of 5.4%. Instrumental vaginal delivery rate in UCTH is low with high failure rate. It is mainly performed on young patients with good antenatal records. Training of personnel involved in the care of women in labour and delivery on all aspects of vaginalinstrumental delivery will increase the rate and make it safer.

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