Publisher: University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

Morbidity and Mortality Patterns of Nigerian Petroleum Oil Refining and Distribution Industry

T. I. N. Ezejiofor
KEYWORDS: Morbidity, Mortality Patterns, Petroleum Refining, Distribution, Nigeria


Aimed at unraveling the nature and extent of health effects and impacts ofoccupational exposures in the Nigerian petroleum refining and distribution industry, this study probed the morbidity and mortality parttems ofthisindustry using oral interviews, questionnaires responses and secondary data from the industry. Results revealed that workers oftbis industry suffer from wide range ofdisease conditions involving virtually all body organs/systems, manifesting with varied symptoms that often brought them to the industry-based plant clinic. Questionnaire responses by the staffshowed that Bad eye sight (16.3%), sexually transmitted diseases (8.9%), hypertension (8.8%), musculo-skeletal healtheffects including chronic and intermittent back/low back pain (8.6%), neck and shoulder pain (2.7%) and chest pain (2.0%)); sleeping/relaxing difficulty (8.0%); recurring headache (6.4%); reduced hearing/noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL)(6-4%); erectile dysfunction (weak erection)(5.3%); breathing difficulty (3.9%); Road transport accident (3.1%); Peptic Ulcer disease (PUD)(3%); Diabetes mellitus(2%); prostate enlargement (0.5%); Tonsil enlargement (0.1); pulmonarydisease (0.1%) and renal disease (0.1%) were some ofthe symptoms/.diseases or complaints by the staff. Documentations atthe plant clinic however, revealed that malaria/functional disorders (33.3%), respiratory disorders (13.5%), Musculoskeletal/ Rheumatic diseases (14.0%), High blood pressure (10.9%), gastrointestinal disorders (9.1%) and Diab

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