Publisher: University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

Sexual Behaviour, Knowledge and Information Sources About Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Case Study of Students In Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma

R. I. Ogbimi, N. N. Ajodi
KEYWORDS: Sexual behaviours, students, knowledge, sexually-transmitted diseases.


A Survey of 202 final year students ( 114 females, 88 males) of Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma was conducted to determine gender-specific differences in their knowledge of sexually -transmitted diseases (STDs), ·sources of knowledge and sexual behaviours. Random sampling procedures were used to select students from departments within the various faculties. A pre-tested questionnaire was usecl to determine their knowledge (symptoms and modes of transmission) of syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS, their sexual experience with single or multiple partners· and the use of condoms. Sources of information evaluated included the school system, mass media, religious groups and the family. &"(cept for the increased level of awareness of gonorrhoea among males, respondents had inadequate knowledge of other STDs. The prevalence of sexual experience was comparable in males _(84.1%) and females 81.6o/o(P< 0.05). Although the rate of exposure to multiple sexualpartner was higher in male subjects (P<0.05); the frequency of condom use by them was low (344.3%). Intensified health education through their favourite infonnation sources is recommended.

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