Publisher: University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

Knowledge of Physicians In Cross River State Ministry of Health On Women Related issues In Epilepsy.

S. K. Oparah, E. Philip-ephriam, U. Williams, T. I. Igbo
KEYWORDS: Knowledge, women's issues in epilepsy, Calabar


To assess the knowledge of women's issues in epilepsy among physicians in the Cross River State Ministry of Health Workforce, those who attended a CME program on seizure disorders in Calabar, were requested to complete the KOWIEII questionnaire. Thirty nine physicians participated inthe surely. One third ofthe respondents were aware of the effects of sex hormones onseizures, and the higher incidence of sexual dysfunction among women with epilepsy. Half of them were aware of undesirable effects of anti-epilepsy drugs (AEDs) on bone health. Two thirds were aware that pregnant women with epilepsy should not stop their medications, and that the best AED is the one most appropriate for the seizure type and syndrome. Three quarters of the respondents were aware of the need to administer folic acid and vitamin k to pregnant women and neonates ofwomen on AEDs respectively. About 56% of them were aware that women on AEDs can safely breast feed. The overall mean KOWIE II score was 61.0%. The respondents were not informed about the issues affecting women with epilepsy. There is need for more continuing medical education to bridge the gap in knowledge.

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