Publisher: University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

Factors Intluencing Utilization of Modern Family Planning Services Among Women of Child Bearing Age (15 - 49 YEARS) In The University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar.

N. C. Osuchukwu, E. C. Osuchukwu
KEYWORDS: Factors, Utilization, Family Planning, Women of Child Bearing Age.


Abstract: This study investigated factors influencing utilization of modem family planning services among women of childbearing age ( 15-49 years) in the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital. Calabar. Three research questions and three hypotheses were formulated. Descriptive survey design was adopted for it. Using accidental sampling technique, 150 women of childbearing age were selected to constitute the sample. Data were collected using a 22-item questionnaire while data colkcte<l were subjected to statistical analysis using percentages and contingency Chi-square. Results obtained indicated that rdigious background of the women significantly relates to utilization of modem family planning services, (P<0.05,df3, critical x} value = 7.81 ), educational level of the women also significantly relates to utilization of modern family planning services, and family income significantly related. (P<0.05,df3. critical x:! value = 5.99). Enlightenment programme. which should involve the religious leaders, is recommended as a vital strategy to improve utilization of modem family panning services among women of child bearing age in the study area. Recommended also is the need to improve the literacy status of women by making education free and compulsory for the girl child. Advocated in additionis the need for the necessary political will to empower families financially.

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