Publisher: Nigerian Library Association, Cross River State Chapter

Assessment of Library Resources Utilization and Services Among Users In Selected Private Universities In Southwest Nigeria.

Susan U. Ogbuiyi, Bola C. Atulomah (phd)
KEYWORDS: Information resources, utilization, university library, library users, library services


This study aimed to evaluate the level of utilization oflibrary services and resources are utilized in selected private universities in South West, Nigeria. The study was a cross-sectional survey in which four hundred participants were enrolled by a systematic random sampling of staff and students who visited the university library within a three-day period from four private universities in .south-west Nigeria. A self-administered questionnaire was used to gather information about the level of utilization of library services and resources. Photocopying and binding services were most used and utilization ratings well below average for all institutions. Most respondents (50.8%) indicated that preparing for examinations brought them to use library resources most of the time. Library infrastructure was reported to be fairly adequate and available information resources to meet users' special needs measured on a 6-point scale reported a mean score of3.60 (SD= 0.89). In conclusion, library resources were not optimally utilized. Internet database resources and inter-library loan system should be fully introduced to expand information resources available to users in the institutions.

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