Publisher: Nigerian Library Association, Cross River State Chapter

Awareness and Utilization of Computer-Based Library Services By Final Year Students In The University of Lagos, Nigeria

Yetunde Zaid
KEYWORDS: Computer-Based Library Services, final year students, University Library, Universty of Lagos, Electronic Resources


This paper examined the level of awareness and utilization of computer-basedservices among final year students of the University of Lagos, Nigeria. The studyutilized a cross-sectional survey approach because it was restricted to the 2008-2009 year graduating class. Stratified random sampling technique was used toselect 764 from a population of 3,815 final year students from nine faculties at theUniversity of Lagos, Nigeria. The research instrument used was a structuredquestionnaire. Data collected were analyzed and presented by means of simpledescriptive statistics. The findings of the study confirmed that the frequency ofutilization ofcomputer-based library services was low. Reasons cited were lack ofknowledge about the services, insufficient computer terminals and inadequateinfrastructure. The study recommends wider spread of library publications amongstudents, marketing of library products and services,user training and provision ofadequate infrastructure to facilitate the utilization of the computer-based servicesoffered by the University Library.

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