Publisher: Nigerian Library Association, Cross River State Chapter

Tele-Education and Virtual Learning: Paradigm Shifts In Information Service Delivery In Nigerian Universities

E. E. Nkereuwem, Jacob Esin, Uwem Eteng
KEYWORDS: Tele-education, virtual learning, ·information service, Nigerian universities.


The establishment of portals by Socket-works in the University of Calabar has created a virtual learning environment for students. This paper is based on research and evaluation investigating the impact of online education and the establishment of a virtual learning environment on students. Data were collected through random sampling showing the different ways in which the portals were being used by the students, and the motivations for using them. The objective was to reveal how students interact with the Virtual Leaming Environment (VLE). The results of the study showed divergence in skill development in the use ofVLE, the need to provide online resources for access, provision of effective study environment which would allow students make good use of their time on and off campus and the need for information literacy among teachers and students especially in the use of on line education facilities.    

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