Publisher: Nigerian Library Association, Cross River State Chapter

Information Utilization and Development In The 21St Century: A Case Study of Women In Academics

Eno J. Otong
KEYWORDS: Information, Information utilization, Information development, Women academics, Nigeria.


The paper examines ways women in academics utilize information in their daily activities and their coping strategies for development. The respondents for the study were women in academics from the University of Calabar, Calabar. A survey research method was used with a sample size of sixty-two respondents drawn from all the faculties in the institution. A questionnaire instrument was used for data collection and a response rate of 91 percent was achieved in order to examine how women in academics have expanded their roles as researchers, t.eachers, wives, mothers, church members, politicians and play active part in their organizations. The findings of the study show that women in academics utilize more information in areas like teaching and research but have less interest in finding other sources of information that may be useful to ·them in other activities. The paper concludes that women need to put in much effort in the utilization of other sources ofinformation to enhance their development.

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