Publisher: Nigerian Library Association, Cross River State Chapter

Students' Perception of Academic Staff Service Delivery and Vision 20:2020 Attainment In Nigeria

Ekpenyong E. Ekanem, Chika C. Uchendu
KEYWORDS: Service delivery. Quality, Academic staff. Vision 20:2020. Universities.


This study examined the students' opinion on the quality of teaching in universitiesand its possible effects on Nigerian economic plan of vision 20:2020. This surveydesigned study had one research question which guided the investigation. With theuse of simple random sampling technique, 1000 students were drawn fromstudents' population of 10 faculties in the two universities studied. The data wereobtained using researchers' constructed instrument known as Lecture DeliveryQuestioimaire (LEDEQ). Data collected were statistically analyzed usingpercentages. The findings of the study revealed that a greater number of theuniversity academic staff were regular and punctual to classes, cover their courseoutlines, have a good teacher/students interaction; while the number of academicstaff who insisted that students should buy their own written books were almost the same as those who did not. It was concluded that teaching related activities ifeffectively done by the university academic staff, could be a good measure of theeffect of educational output quality and the degree of attainment of vision 20:2020in Nigeria. Recommendations made included university authorities shouldconstitute book review committees to monitor/control the quality of textbooks andthe forceful purchase of textbooks from the university academic staff.

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