Publisher: University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

Clinico-Pathological Variables In The Prognosis of Breast Cancers

R. Ndoma-egba, O. F. R. Ikpatt
KEYWORDS: Beast Cancer, Clinico-Pathological, Biological, Variables, Prognosis


Patients with breast disease make up 10% of all general surgical attendances and breast cancerhas become the commonest group of female cancers occurring in pre-menopausal women in Nigeria, There is a considerable international variation in incidence, mortality and clinical behavior of breast cancers. Changes in social conditions, life-style and emergence of the AIDS epidemic have contributed to the increase in cases of cancers in the tropical region including breast cancer. Breast cancer has recently emerged as the most frequent female cancer in some countries like Nigeria and Cote dTvoire. Decisions regarding management including use of adjuvant therapy are usually influenced by consideration of eventual outcome of treatment (prognosis).Geographical and racial variations in the pathology of breast cancers imply that the prognostic strength of established factors might differ in different breast cancer populations. We have considered the influence of such factors as race, family history, gender, age at presentation, reproductive factors, obesity, diet and immunological factors. Other prognostic factors analyzed areclinico-pathological and biological factors.   

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