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Analysis of Constraints In Resource Use Efficiency In Multiple Cropping System By Small-Holder Farmers In Ebonyi State of Nigeria

M. U. Awoke, E. C. Okorji
KEYWORDS: Resource use, efficiency, multiple-cropping, Small-holder, Ebonyi State


The constraints militating against the small-holder farmers in multiple-cropping system in Ebonyi State, Nigeria were analysed. A multi-stage sampling technique was adopted to select and administer questionnaire to 240 small-holder multiple-croppers. Data were collected and analysed using descriptive statistics. High lease charges (45%), problem of land fragmentation (35%), low fertility of the land (78%), distance of cultivable land (52%) and sex discrimination (100%) were constraints militating against efficiency of land use. The constraints against efficient labour use were high cost of labour, emigration, sex discrimination and other competing labour use each constituted 23%, 22% , 19% and 14% respectively. Result on constraints against capital use showed that non-availability of improved varieties of yam and cocoyam, high cost of modern inputs, lack of adequate finance and lack of collaterals among others served as major constraints, which constituted 29%, 36%, 33% and 22% respectively. The study confirmed that multiple-cropping system would have been more efficient if these constraints were reduced or eradicated. Effective extension services as well as efficient policy formulation and implementation by government are recommended.

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