Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Water Scarcity and The Linkage Effects of Hydro Projects In Aya River Basin At Ogoja, South East Nigeria

Matthew E. Eja, E. O. Esu
KEYWORDS: River basin, perennial water scarcity.


 A study of the,.Water resources potential in relation to the perennial water scarcity in Aya RiverBosin at Ogoja was carried out It was observed that the groundwater potential of Aya River Basin is considerably 'low, and that groundwater aquifers may be difficult to locate. This was attributed to the fact that Ogoja area is underlain by a Cretaceous sedimentary sequence of precfominandv impervious shales, with minor deltaic sediments, which have shallow aquifers existing in fractured areas. Projected total water abstraction from fwa River of 14,280m3 per day for water supply, and 12,500m3 per day for irrigation of 250 hectares by 2016. represents very high limits for fwa River whose dry season flow is about 200 litres per second, thus resulting in a "linkage effect" on Aya River yield Calculoted water use of 38.45m3/person year for water supply and irrigation in 1992 is far below the wood's current average of 800m3/person year, thus placing the basin below the bottomfine of water-scarce countries.   

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