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Effect of Farm Size and Frequency of Cutting On Output of Fluted Pumpkin (TELFERA SP.] In Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

D. S. Udom, I. C. Idiong, H. E. Umoh
KEYWORDS: Farm size, frequency of cuttings, fluted pumpkin, output


The study was carried out to ascertain the effect of farm size and frequency of cutting on the output of fluted pumpkin(Telfeiria sp.) through a survey of some farms in /tu Local Government Area of Akwa lbom State. Thirty-two farmers wereselected and interview schedules administered to them to obtain the relevant information. A multiple regression involvingthe use of Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) estimation technique was used in analyzing the data so collected. The resultsindicated that the farm size and frequency of cuttings had positive impact and was significant at the one per cent level. Theelasticity af production with respect to farm size was 0. 71 while that with respect to frequency of cutting was 1. 93. It wastherefore recommended that research should be conducted to ascertain optimum frequency of cutting that would producemaximum output of the vegetable as well as the development of high yielding variety to enhance land productivity.

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