Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Using Piezometer Records To Evaluate The Stability of Goronyo and Tiga Dams In Northern Nigeria.

O. C. Okeke, M. N. Ogwude
KEYWORDS: Piezometer records, dam stability, porewater pressure and dam instrumentation.


The stability of Goronyo dam on Rima river in Sokoto state and Tiga dam on Kano river in Kano state were evaluated by use of piezometer records from the darns that indicate porewater pressure changes from 94 to 1997. Plots of these parameters against time (yearly) indicate abnormal increase in porewater pressures frorn values of 2748 to 2771 KPa and 4986 to 5139 KP in some piezometers installed in Goronyo and Tiga dams respectively. These increases in porewater pressures could be caused by core leakage and may lead to failure of the dams. It is recommended that the leaking spot of the dam core should be identified and remedied.

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