Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Relationship Between The Genetic and Some Beneficiation Characteristics In The Ferruginous Quartzites of Itakpe Hill Nigeria

C. K. Obasi, L. A. Obasi
KEYWORDS: Relationship, genetic features, beneficiation indices, ferruginous quartzites.


A clear and direct relationship existing between the compositional parameters and beneficiation indices was revealed through laboratory beneficiation, of the ferruginous quartzites of ltakpe Hill using magnetic methods. The heterogeneity in the formation of the quartzites in different parts of the deposit was reflected in the results if their beneficiation. The genetic factors affecting the beneficiation indices were identified, among which the leading role fell on the mineral form of iron. The Fe content to a large extent determines the yield and recovery. A function of the total iron contents in the quaitzites (Fe total) iron contents of magnetite (Fe mgJ and the beneficiation indices {defined here as the productivity) of the ferruginous quartzites served as a basis for their minera/ogic-technologica/ classification. The inconsistent tendencies in the productivity was seen to correspond to an earlier established mineralogic-geochemfcal zoning within the deposit.

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