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Zero Prevalence and Socio-Demographic Factors of HIV In Pregnancy In Cross River State, Nigeria: A Redefinition For HIV Prevalence Studies

C. I. Mboto, J. Epoke
KEYWORDS: Seroprevalence; Socio-demographic; HIV, Pregnancy; Redefiration


The HIV Seroprevalence of 2000 consecutively selected pregnant women seen in fpur major hospitals of Cross River State between April and December, 1998 was determi. ·qd against a background of their Socio-demographic factors. Blood samples were obtained b/ venepuncture following informed consent and· screened for. HIV antibodies using ELISA test kit (ELISA-Wellcozymes, Boroughs Wellcome, Dartford, UK). Sero·reactive samples were confirmed using the Westem blot lBiorag Laboratories, Hercules, California, U.S.A). Data on the women socio-demographic factors were obtained by interview using validated questionnaire. The HIV seroprevalence of  the women was· 4% .180 out of 2000}. The prevalence rate was higher in women 18 years or less (29.0%), followed by Single women {13.3%). Lower rate was found in women 40years or more (1.4%}. The women HIV antibody status was significantly associated (P<0.001) with their age, marital status and type of marital reiationship. It was however, independent (P<0.1) of their level of education and spouses' income. The study revealed a major disparity in HIV prevalence rates among pregnant women on the basis of age, marital status :nd type of marital relationship. We advocate that the criteria for generalii,ed HIV studies in Nigeria on the basis of mere presence of prepnancy be redefined to accommodate the salient risk factors we have observed in this study.

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