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Effect of Feeding Varying Levels of Microdemis Puberula and Alchornea Cordifolia On The Body Size and Carcass Component of West African Dwarf Goats (WAD).

B. I. Umoh, B. I. Okon, I. 0. James, E. S. Jacob
KEYWORDS: Microdemis puberula (Mbom). Alchomea cordifolia (Ntabit). West African Dwarf Goats, Body weight, Carcass components, mixed sex, Models


Sixteen West African Dwarf (WAD) goats of mixed sex, averaging 8.2 kg body weight, were used in a study to determine the effects of varyi .g levels of Microdemis puberula (Mbom) I/IP, and Alchornea cordifolia (Ntabit) AC on body size and carcass components. Final and slaughter weights increased (P<0.05) for animals in 75%:25%. AC:MP browse mixture group compared with others which were lowerand similar. Average daily gains (g/d) were (5.89, 11.96, 15.54 and 0.89)g respectively for groups of uoats on the four different levels of browse plar,ts. Overall gains and average daily gains significantly increased (P<0.05) for goats on 75%:25% AC:MP and 50%:50% AC:MP compared with other treatment groups.Browse mixtures of 75:25%, AC:MP and 50%:50% AC:MP resulted in breast and shoulder weight increase respectively. Growth rate of body parts and organ weights were higher for animals on TRT_2 and TRT_3. It could therefore be deduced that feeding mixed forages in the proper proportion motivated increasing growth rate in WAD goats as against feeding sole forage.

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