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An Analysis of Beef Demand In A Nigerian Urban City

E. J. Udoh, J. O. Akintola
KEYWORDS: Beef demand funtion,demand projection, animal protien, urban city


The level of beef demand and consumption in Nigerian cities has been questionably and progressively low. This study empirically modeled a demand function of beef meat in Lagos city with the aim of identifying major dernand shifters. Based on the regression analysis, unit retail price of beef and disposable income were found to have significant and direct influences on the quantity of beef derhanded. Further, trend and policy shift variables represented as SAP dummy were found to have significant but inverse effect on quantity of beef demanded. The study further showed that the quantity of beef (in number and meat equivalent) slaughtered has been on the decline and as such, the per caput beef consumption has become considerably lower over the years, when compared with the minimum value recommended for Nigeria by FAO. The future demend of beef is however estim1aJed to be high. To meet this demand there is he need for both farmers and government to increase production levels of cattle by removing the bottlenecks in livestock husbandry.   

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