Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Dough Rheology and Quality of Wheat Bread Supplemented With Fluted Pumpkin Seed Protein Concentrate

Sunday Y. Giami
KEYWORDS: Bread quality, Dough rheology, Fluted pumpkin, Protein concentrate


The effect of blending wheat flour (WF) with protein concentrate (PC) from fluted pumpkm (Telfairia occidentalis Hook) seeds at levels of 0-25% on rheological properties of dough and bread making properties were investigated.Dough rheology was studied using a Chopin alveograph and included resistance to extension {R), extensibility (E) and mechanical work for dough deformation. {W). Bread leaves were prepared using the. straight -dough Procedure and evaluated for baking quality, chemical composition and sensory properties. Protein quality was estimated using weanling male albino rats fed composite bread diets (from each blend} which were formulated to supply 10% protein, with casein diet as a control. There were no significant {p>0.05) differences between alveograph values obtained for E and W in blends containing O (100% WF) and 5-15% PC. Up to 15% substitution of WF with PC produced acceptable bread loaves with loaf volume, crust colour, crumb colour. crumb texture and overall acceptability similar to the control (100WF) bread. When WF was replaced with 15% PC, there was an increase of 115.4% in protein, 71.2% in calcium. 69.2% in iron and 140.8% in potassium contents of composite breads. The values obtained for protein efficiency ratio, net prot!;lin ratio and true digestibility of bread diets containing 15% PC and casein were similar,suggesting an improvement in the nutritional quality of PC-substituted composite breads.

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