Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Phytochemical, Cytotoxicity and Microbial Screening of Euphorbia Hirta Linn.

A. O. Oyewale, Amina Mika, F. A. Peters
KEYWORDS: Euphorbia hirta, Phytochemistry, Cytotoxicity, Microbial,


Phytochernical screening of the successive solvent extracts of E. hirta showed, that the ether extract contains cardiac glycosides; the ethyl acetate extract contains tannins and cardiac glycosides; while the water extract contains saponins, alkaloids, tannins and cardiac glycosides. Based on the .LC5o values calculated, the ether (LC so"" 162 .1 8 ± 63.1utg/ml) extract is highly toxic, while the ethyl acetate (LCso = 1513. 56 +- 16 .3utg/ml and water (LCso= 1412. 5 ± 4. 7pg/ml) extracts are within safety limit on the Brine Shrimp cytotoxicity scale. The crude water extract showed appreciable inhibitory effect on S. aureus and Ps. aeruginosae, but minimal inhibition on the growth of E. coli and no effect on S. typhi and K. pneumoniae. Ethyl acetate crude extract was active on E. coli, S, aureus and Ps. aeruginosae, but showed minimum inhibition on S. tvphi. The petroleum ether crude extract showed appreciable activity on S. aureus, average activity on Ps. aeruginosae, and K. pneumoniae, but minimum activity on E. coli. S. typhi was resistant to water and petroleum ether extracts. K. pneumoniae was resistant to water and ethyl acetate extracts.

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