Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Review of Sokoto Phosphate Deposit Sokoto, Nigeria.

C. O. Awalla, C. C. Ezeh, K. E. Nwabufo-ene
KEYWORDS: Apatite, francolites, nodules, pellets, phosphate.


The quality of the phosphates from the Sokoto basin is rnviewed. Emphasis is placed on their physical, chemical and mineralogical characteristics, and its suitability for industriHI applications. The phosphates occur as nodules, pellets, as well as primary phosphatic rocks. They are francolites with quart:t as the only crystalline gangue mineral. The P2Q5 content of the nodules is 36.25 percent by weight, while that of the primary phosphatic rocks range from 5 to 30 percent. Other geochemical determinations indicate that the nodules have acceptable values of the critical ratios, tolerable level of toxic metals, and low values of Si02 and organic matter. Reactivity of the phosphate nodules is as good as indicated by the high level of carbonate substitution and also meets the quality requirement of commercial phosphates based on its physical characteristic like being moderately hard amt cvn be wound to requirnd particle sizes., The phosphate concentrates are not coarsely textured, The Sokolo phosphate nodules are considered to be similar in quality with those from Togo.    

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