Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Influence of Seed Size and Planting Date On The Growth, Development and Yield of Potato ( SOLANUM TUBEROSUM L.) Varieties In,Bauchi

A. Garba, G. N. Udom, M. A. Ikeasomba, A. Hasuruna
KEYWORDS: Cold Season/ Harmattan Season


Field experiments were conducted on the effect of seed size and planting date on 318 growth, development of potato varieties during the cold season period in Bauchi. The treatments consisted of three varieties {N'ICOla, BR 63-18 and RC 7716-7) and four different seed sizes: Extra large(> 50mm). large (40-50mm), medium (20-39mm) and small(< 20mm}. Two plantiny dates of 151h and 301h November were adopted. The treatments were then laid in a randomized complete block design with three replications. Variety RC 7716--7 performed significantly (P<0.01) better than the other·varieties in plant height, number/of sprouts. stolons. haulms weight, mature tubers and yield. Seed sizes, large {40-50mm) and medium (20-39mm} seed sizes pertormed significantly (P< 0.01) better in yield than the other. seed sizes. Irrespective of the year, planting potatoes on 15th November was observed lo be significantly (P<0.01} better in yield than when it was planted on the 30th of November

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