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Preliminary Study On Zero Tillage and Bulldozing As Land Preparations On Oil Palm Growth, Yields and Soll Nutrient Status

W. Ubi, H. Igwe
KEYWORDS: Zero tillage and bulldozing, oil palm growth, yield and soil nutrient status


A comparative study on zero tillage and bulldozing, as land preparations for oil palm seedling transplanted into the field was conducted at Ayip Eku Oil Palm Estate between 1993 and 2000. The experimental site was a five-year fallow land in whichPanicum maximum (Guinea grass) and Centrosoma pubescence were dominant fallow species. Three years after planting. the N. · Mg, K and Na contents of the soil were reduced to half in the zero tillage plots and reduced approximately four fold in the bulldozed plots. The P content of the soil in the zero tillage plots was two times higher than that in the bulldozed plots. After 12 months of transplanting into the field, zero tillage exerted a highly significant (P < 0.05) effect on plant growth as evidenced in greater crown diameter and the proportion of green leaf blades of the zero tillage plots compared with bulldozed plots. At 8 years a more positive effect on yield of Fresh fruit bunches (FFB) and on soil nutrient status were recorded in the zero tillage plots compared with bulldozed soil.

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