Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Dynamics of Soyabean Prodution In Nigerian Agriculture

K. N. Futules5, H. E. Shehu, P. M. Jonah
KEYWORDS: Agricultural system, Cropping system, sustainable agriculture, Glycine max, productivity, soyabean adoption


Despite large oil reserve, Nigeria as a developing country has urgent economic problems which only agricultue can alleviate. The introduction of soyabean in Nigerian agricultural system can diversify the food for both man and his livestock.Soyabean is a crop with high potentials, but its future in the agricultural system may depend on its performance as a component of polyculture and acceptability in the traditional cropping systems. Soyabean .has desirable c!1aracteristics for intercropping such as erect growth habit, and high productivity under wide row spacing, nevertneless, soyabean is currently rarely used in intercrop combinations. Successful introduction of soya bean into intercrop system will ensure ·greater diversification of crops grown within each agrcecological region of the country. The general adoption of the crop has been very limited despite some notable success insdme specific areas like expansion and utilization. Soyabean production proplems are mostly critical during establishment, maturity and storage.

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