Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Adaptation of Natural Gas For Motor Fuels In Nigeria Transport System

It M. Ogheiejoboh, E. J. Aicpabio
KEYWORDS: Gas, Fuel, Automobile, Technology, Project.


In recent years, as a result of limiting reserve of crude oil and the clamour for the deregulation of the petroleum sector of the nation's economy, there is need to look beyond liquid fuel (gasoline, diesel) as vehicular fuels. The viability or adapting natural gas for motor fuels had been presented. Natural gas as automobile fuel has a multiple of advantages over liquid fuel. These include high octane number, less negative effects on engine parts, low toxicity of effluents. (i.e. low CO, NOx. and lead emissions.) Experiences of other countries that are presently using natural gas as automobile fuel are reviewed along with the efforts put in place by Nigeria through the Nigerian Gas Company (NGC) Limited to experiment the proje.;t. The need of government through the NGC to be fully involved in the planning and execution of a retrofit plan to optimize pipeline network and supply service of natural gas to refueling and refilling stations is also emphasized. The public on the other hand requires enlightenment on the need to convert their vehicles to gas/gasoline powered, and incentives given for patronizing natural gas filling stations. A cohesive interplay of both national and corporate interests in policy formulation and implementation will harness effec,. ·"' distribution and utilization of natural gas within the Nigeria socio-economic sector.

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