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Evaluation of Fertility Rate In Friesian and White Fulani (BUNA II) Breeds of Cattle Following Artificial Insemination

W. D. Nafarnda, H. I. Kubkomawa, A. A. Mshelia, Y. I. Nesati
KEYWORDS: Fertility rate, White Fulani, Friesian, Breeds, Artificial insemination


The study was carried out lo evaluate the fertility rate of white Fulani (Bunaji) and Friesian breeds of cattle followirig artificia insemination (A. I). Artificial insemination was performed following Oestrus synchronization using prostaglandin F2a (PGF2a) in 368 white Fulani and 230 Friesian cows at West Africa Milk Company (WAMCO), Vom Jos. Plateau State over a period of three years (January 1989 to December 1991). Frozen semen of a Friesian bull imported from Holland was used for the A 1.• The cows were monitored for pregnancy by measuring the serum and or milk progesterone level and the numbers of pregnant and non-pregnant cows recorded. The fertility rates in the inseminated cows were 89% and 91% in White Fulani and Friesian breeds respectively. The implications of the result on livestock production in Nigeria are highlighted.

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