Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Abundance of Pseudotolithus Elongatus In The Niger Delta Area- A Case Study In The Cross River Estuary

J. T. Abraham, P. A. Akpan, E. M. Ikpeme
KEYWORDS: Abundance, P. elongatus, Niger Delta. Sampled, Juveniles


A study on the abundance  of Pseudotolithus elongatus was carried out in the Cross River estuary. A total of 3113. Pseudotofithus efongatus weighing 143.6kg were sampled. These values represented 56.17 percent of total catch of fish samplewhich weighed 255.66kg. The remaining 112,01:lkg or 43.83 percent were contributed by Callinectes sp., Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus. Polygactus sp and Ethmalosa fimbriata. Total length of Pseudotolithus elongatus sampled range between 4cm and 38cm. Sample were made up of mostly juveniles. The mean catch-per~unit effort of 40 individuals per boat and 1.8kg per boat were obtained for Pseudotgilithus elongates during the period under survey. The highest monthly catch -per-unit effort of 80.66 individuals per boat or 3,63kg per boat were obtained in the dry season. The yield for a given effort was generally low. Pseudotolithus elongatus is more abundant during the dry season months of the year than in the wet season.

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