Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Ampere Hour Method of Sizing A Stand Alone Photovoltaic System

P. E. Ugwuoke, O. U. Oparaku, C. E. Okeke
KEYWORDS: Ampere-hour; sizing; stand- alone; photovoltaics.


Stand-alone photovoltaic power systems are natural options for application in electrification of remote areas which are not served by the grid electricity supply system. An ampere-hour method of sizing a stand-alone PV system for application in any remote location has been presented. The design which is for both ac and de operated appliances, has established an optimum relationship between the PV array and the balance-of­system so that the required unit of energy at a specified reliability can be supplied. Two approaches to the array sizing were considered. The first approach considered the seasonal derate negligible, in which case, the design current was calculated directly, while the second approach considered the seasonal derate non negligible. In this case; the seasonal derate must be obtained before the design current is computed. Sizing of the balance-of system were carefully handled to avqid undersizing or oversizing and subsequent variation in supply reliability. The temperature effects and the peak sun hours of the location in question were also considered in the design.

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